SNES Madness

For the mess that happened yesterday I am worried by the number of people who directly blame Nintendo for the overwhelming demand on pre-orders for their new SNES Classic system. It’s not hard to find hundreds of comments on Twitter to the tune of Nintendo said they were going to be making more this time, or Nintendo has let me down and this will bankrupt them.

I would counter, we don’t know how many they actually are manufacturing or how conservative they are being on pre-orders and I think any company would kill to have their entire inventory sell out in literal seconds. It speaks to their market power the demand this and their other devices are driving. As a result, no there is no chance of going bankrupt, and even more so because of the smart way they set up their finances.

But here is the real issue with what happened yesterday. Nintendo cannot prevent people from mass purchasing and reselling of their stuff. 2.3 million or 15 million, these 3rd party resellers *cough* scalpers, will always make sure that it is sold out at the retailer. That’s their entire business model. So long as consumers actually pay their marked up prices they will keep mass purchasing. Why is the Switch still always sold out online but frequently available in retail shops? Cause they are making sure that if you want to buy it online you have to buy it from a scalper.

So if you have to place blame for not getting your shiny SNES classic this year, don’t forget the consumer who is willing to pay more than you to get it, and the companies like Walmart and Amazon who let those 3rd party resellers, relist those same items in place of the sold out items.

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