Upgrades Started

So I’ve always been one to build my own computer. I’ve always found the experience rewarding having the high level of customization over my rig, since while I like to game I use my PC as more a workstation than high end gaming machine. But like all things, nothing lasts forever and even my once high end specs are suffering the ravages of age. I build my current system back in 2012, and while the CPU an Intel i7 2600K still kicks butt even lacking the bleeding edge instructions, my graphics card is another story.

Up until now I’ve been sporting a stylish AMD Radeon HD 6850, cause like I said workstation, while I wanted decent the CPU and maxed out RAM were more important. So finally I’m upgrading.

Just got my hands on a shiny Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. And can we say monster. I was not expecting the weight of this brick or the length. So I’m looking forward to spending this weekend retooling my rig. I have a few other smaller new parts I’m still waiting on, but dang I’m excited. I’ve decided to no upgrade my Motherboard/CPU/RAM setup for the time being. They still run well and comparable from Intel is more than my wallet can take at the moment, so maybe in a month or two.

Now I just need a decent 4K monitor or two for my desk to finish the workstation upgrades.

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