LG V30

So it’s been about a week since I got my new smart phone the LG V30, and so far I have fallen in love.

I’m a very particular about my Android smart phones. I heavily customize Android with my own launcher, icons, and overall make the experience my own. Apart from the device itself thanks to my customization it doesn’t look all that different then my Galaxy S6.

For me the meat of a device is the hardware, and that is where the V30 shines compared to the Galaxy S8 I was considering. The camera is fun, providing me with one of the best wide angle views I have ever seen short of a dedicated SLR. Like wise the head phone jack is amazing with the amplified DAC, I can’t believe the difference in quality even with the crappy earbuds I always cram in my pocket.

Not to say the V30 is perfect, if I had to complain it would be the screen on low light. The colors become very distorted and video watching is all but impossible. Little manual control over the brightness can overcome this, but was quite startled that first night trying to watch Netflix in bed. The other sad part, but I can’t blame LG, the DAC drains the battery noticably. It make sense, a powered audio port is going to cost power, but it was the first thing on the phone that I noticed actual battery drain.

Finally that brings me to battery. OMG. My Galaxy S6 was horrible with battery life. And that speaks to a difference in philosophy I see between LG and Samsung. Samsung priorities performance at the cost of the battery, while LG is much more conservative on processing. I’ve seen a bunch of videos comparing the V30 and Note8, and complimenting on the Note8 on keeping everything running, and I disagree. I am more than happy to wait an extra half second for a program to reopen if it helps battery performance. It also helps that LG hasn’t bogged down the system with doubles of every Google application.

So I hope that LG continues this trend of amazing phones into the future and that the phone performs great next to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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